Blessed to be Catholic

In line with its mission to help good Catholics become better Catholics, the Defensores Fidei Foundation has organized a speaking tour of notable American converts to the Catholic faith. In late January, two Americans will hold a series of talks in Metro Manila, Cebu, Bacolod and Davao to enjoin Filipino Catholics to celebrate their faith and learn how to defend it against forces that seek to destroy it.

Steve Ray, well known author and speaker in the United States, is again coming for the 4th and maybe the last time. Steve will again share the joy he found in the Church and promote the video series that he has co-produced with Ignatius Press entitled, The Footprints of God. To tandem with Steve is young American convert, Tim Staples, former Baptist, Assemblies of God and US Marine Corps. Tim’s appeal covers a wide range but it is to the youth that his wonderful countenance and enthusiasm has the most impact. So bring your young adults and teenagers for the events will satisfy both our mature spirituality as well as the blossoming faith of our children.

In Alabang, we have organized two major events which are themed ‘Blessed to be Catholic’. One is on Jan. 19 Thursday at the St. James parish at 8pm hosted in coordination with the St. James faithful, while the second one is on Jan. 22 Sunday, 2pm at the Filinvest Trade Hall (cinema level) in cooperation with the Diocese of Paranaque Bishop Jesse Mercado. Please come, there are no entrance fees to both events, just bring your faith with you and be assured that you will leave the place with a better understanding and appreciation of the faith handed down to us by our Lord Jesus Christ Himself. Indeed you will rejoice that you were born into the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, and not anywhere else as our guest speakers will share with you. To make the event more lively and interesting, we will conduct a mock debate of issues which are thrown against our faith, and our American converts will show us how to able defend our faith!

God bless us all in these trying times. As history and our Saints have taught us, it is our Faith in the Lord and our steadfast love that will save us.